Into the Nebula Video

Sunday, April 18th, 1999 | 8:42 am and filed in stuff.

MOV ::It’s finally here. Into The Nebula - The Movie . This has been a big project that i’m pretty much sick of after the past months of putting it together and struggling with production descisions across the globe. But it’s done, It’s available for download. Hope everyone took my advice and installed Quicktime 3:). There are two versions available: a 15 frame per second version which should work on most modern systems, and a 30 frame per second version which requires a minimum of a Pentium II or 604e Power PC. The Nebula Video Mix will be available in MP3 format shortly.

MP3 ::I’ve mastered and uploaded a copy of a track i made with Dr. Bruno’s Dark Star mod. Block Out is now available for download in MP3 format. Thanks again to Dr. B for producing such a cool sample set.

Well, now i can get back to mod making…uh maybe…

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