Old Songs & New Songs

Saturday, April 24th, 1999 | 8:45 am and filed in ReBirth, Music.

MP3 ::I’ve uploaded some of my non-ReBirth related music to mp3.com. This stuff was created years ago. It’s all synth based however and midi sequenced using a PC with a Roland MPU401 and Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold–DOS of course. Sheesh things have come a long way, baby. The tracks are Temple and Pilgrimage. I’ve also uploaded an remastered ReBirth 1.5 Track, SO4, with samples done by phead legend, Fredrick Hägglund.

RBS ::New RBS Track for Jonas’s Polyvibe Mod! This thing is funky as hell! Check out the track, Can of Vibe.rbs The PolyVibe Mod can be downloaded from Computer Controlled

JPG ::Some more pix from the Bench added…maintenance is a never ending contest against time. In the end, i’m going to lose.

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