Succubus by Stuart Diamond

Thursday, May 6th, 1999 | 8:47 am and filed in Music.

MP3 :: I’ve got several new tracks available on now. Some are Created exclusively in ReBirth, but they were mastered with a some final compression. Can of VIBE mp3 version sounds really impressive for a rebirth only track. Also I’ve uploaded one of my personal favorite works, Succubus. This track was composed by a friend of mine in New York, Stuart Diamond, and we produced it at my home studio with another friend, Karen Bentley (violin). It’s pretty amazing what you can still do with a Proteus I module. The Transparent Darkness edit came out quite nicely too. I shortened it quite a bit and added some cool phasing effects. The King’s Jam is a last minute title I came up with for this track created using Logic Audio (actually the track is MIDI only with some sampled loops mixed in).

RBM :: Sync is coming along. I’m in the middle of finishing up a new gui for it. I’m still trying to get back into the swing of mod making in between all these other projects. :: rennacs (previously known as scaNNer, maker of the wobble mod) has started up a new site, and has somehow got me into moderating a technical discussion board for hardware and stuff. The site also has a shoutcast server for WinAMP (no MacOS version available)

JPG :: Check out my new toy:) I’m editing the website from this baby right now.

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