Windows/DOS to MacOS 8 Conversion Project

Monday, March 13th, 2000 | 7:31 am and filed in stuff, peff.

TXT:: PC to Mac Conversion Project is almost complete! I finished up the printer formatting for that damn database. It’s nice now since there are pop up menus for repetitive tasks (unlike the DOS version) and the Powerprint USB adapter working like a charm. I picked up a little USB hub and will be adding on a second Powerprint adapter for a multiple printer set up. I found a cool little control panel called PrinterSwitch by Daniel Schwartz of Brookline Software. What’s more, there’s a scripting addition which controls non PostScript printers. Applescript currently only handles postscript printers with the Desktop Printer Utility, the “Print Using” Scripting addition adds Scripting control to various printer drivers in the chooser - Very cool if you need to automate specific printing tasks. There are a few bugs with PrinterSwitch, but a stable work around is available. Whys is all of this necessary? Because my mom knows how to play games on the Mac, and automating it is imperative so she doesn’t interrupt me while I’m making tracks :-)

With all this database stuff, I’ve been inclined to learn SQL. I’m also working on a new website for my family (anyone with a clue can figure out the URL) Since the site is hosted on a MS-f#c%en-WindowsN freaken T server (it’s not that bad - i still think apache is faster and more reliable though), I’m trying to learn a little Cold Fusion. My Cousin Carole and her son Miles will be doing a lot of interface work on the new site from their G4:-) The interesting part is that all this web based database stuff isn’t much different from the old style DOS database stuff. PHP looks interesting - I like the fact that it’s open source and the fact that i’m a little familiar with the old dbase stuff. But since the site is served on Cold Fusion, I might as well take advantage of this opportunity. So I’ve ordered some books from - we’ll see how this goes. I’m hoping that all this knowledge will help me further develop my next version of Thanks Emmet for hosting the site!

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