Remixing Visions

Saturday, March 18th, 2000 | 7:34 am and filed in Music, peff.

MP3:: As I mention below, I’m opening up the samples from Visions for remix. I have uploaded the 16bit 44.1KHz .WAV format files in ZIP archives. For you people on smokin fat pipes, there is a single 20meg Stuffit Archive. Everyone is welcome to download the files, but if you use them for a release, please contact me so that I can explain how to word the licensing. This is Especially important if you intend to upload the songs to or other copyright conscious sites, or if you intend to release the mix on a label.

My latest track Paradigm Shift is a featured track on’s intelligent Techno genre–Hey!

My friend Karen Bentley, an amazing violinist, recently sent me a CD to encode and upload to The latest recordings are from a series of live performances with a percussionist, Ian Dogole. Check out their tracks here. You can hear Karen on several other projects on as well. She performs on the track Succubus on my page as well as the entire Succubus series and Konzerto by Stuart Diamond - a project I co-produced and engineered. Other Pages include: Electric Diamond, Ariel View, and Tesseract. Members of Tesseract are Researchers at Stanford University–the guys who developed FM synthesis and Virtual Modeling Synthesis technology for the famous Yamaha DX and VL series of synthesizers.

I also had the opportunity to record her playing the Hrimaly Stradivarius Violin — this was amazing. I’ll upload an MP3 clip of this session sometime later. Actually, I made a little ReBirth Mod with some of these sample, but it’s really bizarre so I’ve never made it public. Needless to say, Karen keeps me pretty busy with stuff :-)

TXT:: I installed Pro Tools 5.0 LE upgrade last night (it’s been sitting in the box since January). It seems pretty nice but it’s really not compatable with the old Audiomedia III card. Maybe I’m missing something, but PT5.0 doesn’t have the “Voice” enable features that PT 4.3.1 has. Importing PT4 documents into PT5 automatically assigns the voice settings and I can’t seem to change them. Oh well. I’ll go bug the guys on the digidesign message board to get the skinny. It almost seems like they are forcing me to upgrade to a Pro Mix or at least a Digi 001. some of the demo RTAS plug ins cause my system to crash, but removing them from the Plug-ins folder fixes that problem. It will be interesting to have the MIDI sequencer in Pro Tools.

To W. Merkle: What’s different in today’s posting? Click on it and find out :-)


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