Tuesday, March 21st, 2000 | 7:39 am and filed in ReBirth.

TXT:: Fooling around some more with that other mod I’m working on, and I came across a cool new trick on ReBirth. After playing with a real TB-303, I’m using this technique in ReBirth to emulate the sound a little bit better. Read all about it here: Techtips #12 (this tip appeared later in Keyboard Magazine)

RBM:: I finally got around to sampling the TR-909 running through the Sherman Filterbank distortion - The BD is sweet baby! Supah Phat and Supah Nasty! I also grabbed some TR-606 samples from Analogue Samples, Loaded them into the MPC and processed them through the Sherman Filter Distortion. After trimming things down and shaving off all the noisy tails, the results are looking quite promising. Now to plan out a GUI :-)

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