Back-up Time

Friday, March 24th, 2000 | 7:42 am and filed in stuff, Music, peff.

MP3:: I set up an radio station which plays selections from the various projects I’ve worked on over the past decade. Check out Peff - The Definitive Playlist . It’s strange to look at this list of songs because they vary from one end of the musical spectrum to the other. I’m starting to think that my musical diversity is really odd.

I did the old ‘Car Stereo Test’ on some of the new tracks I’ve put out there, and damn i need to roll off some bass. Actually I mastered some of the tracks and reuploaded them to my sites. On that note, I’m sending in my monitors for a check and scheduling a hearing test soon.

TXT:: Pretty boring week here. I backed up 16 gigs of data, and made redundant copies of vital stuff. I really need to upgrade to a faster CD-R. This old 2x might not last much longer. I made 4 coasters during this last back up session.

Jackplug wanted a bio/link page to go on the RedStripe Promo CD. His project is coming together. Perhaps I just might make it over to London in May for the Red Stripe Party…eh…who knows…

I sent a copy of those Distorted TR-909 Bass Drums

I spoke with an old friend, Skot, from Superfuzz. We did some work together years ago, and he filled me in on the never ending saga of their battle with Warner Japan. We might do some work in the future - possible

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