Web Life vs. Real Life

Thursday, March 15th, 2001 | 9:05 am and filed in stuff, peff.

TXT:: I’m trying to update the site to include a Reason Button on the Navigation bar. So things have been kinda slow since I’m learning a new web design application.

Plus i’ve been busy running around doing real life stuff :-) Last night I went out to meet some old friends. One of them promotes this party called “Magnum” up in San Francisco. I haven’t seen my friend Scotty in 4 years. The cool part (which i missed) was that my old friend Mark (DJ ? ‘question mark’) was spinning. Maybe next time ? Anyhoo the party was a Harry Denton’s Rouge–don’t get me started about Mr. Denton…I can’t beleive he’s still alive. Rouge is an interesting spot that’s flamboyantly red, ostentatious, totally tasteless elegance.

Times have indeed changed since i used to be part of that circuit…er circus… I met some interesting guys who were out pimping this Website called Nitevibe which is some kind of Club Scene information site.

Reason:: I’ve also been distracted with another Reason Track. Kind of a fruity dnb with lots of cliche sounds. This one came together rather quickly, and I’ll post up the MP3 in the near future. I’m not sure about an RNS though…maybe I wont credit the sample library companies :)

I’m curious to hear what people thing about the exploring FM file. If anyone found it useful or even stupid, please let me know. I have a couple of other sessions tracked out like that. I guess I will post them - someone might find it interesting.

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