Friday, March 16th, 2001 | 9:07 am and filed in Music Software.

TXT:: I received an interesting e-mail from Thomas Alker. He’s written a little shareware application called Caps2MIDI. It basically turns your Mac’s Keyboard into a MIDI keyboard for use with your MIDI applications. It’s handy for PowerBook Jockeys who want to trigger notes and samples from a Reason Sampler without carrying around a controller. I’ve put up a little page where you can download the demo version and see a screenshot of the interface.

Caps2MIDI Demo

Reason:: I actually went through and sampled individual notes from the TB-303 and loaded them up into reason. There are 37 individual multisamples of the TB-303 Squarewave with the filter wide open. loaded into an NN19 Sampler. When you add a matrix pattern and tweak the filter, you can sorta get that bubbly acid feel. Look on the Propellerhead site soon for the Fill. I will also try to make a portion of the files available in their raw AIFF format for non Reason users.

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