Finally a new CD Burner

Sunday, March 18th, 2001 | 9:10 am and filed in stuff, Gear.

TXT:: I finally upgraded my CD Burner and Software… My old Philips 2x has been replaced with the Que!Fire 12x firewire burner and Roxio Toast 5. I can’t beleive how i managed to survive all those 35 minute burns with the 2x. One really nice aspect of Toast 5 is the ability to burn in the background. No more system take over when burning!

All this upgrading is becoming really tedious. I’ve finally brought all my machines up to MacOS 9.1 — yes i know, MacOS X is only a few days away, and apple promises saturday delivery, but I’m not going to install it until I know for certain that my favorite audio applications run on it!

I’ve been having some problems with the new Titanium. Basically the Modem doesn’t like my phone line and ISP. The apple Tech Info Library goes into great detail about how the V.90 compression protocol is flawed - so instead of a 56k, i’m running a 28.8 baud connection - it’s the only way i can stay connected. Pac Bell is supposed to call this week to determine whether or not i can get DSL out here in the sticks. I know i live within the 3 mile radius of the central switch box, but i don’t know if they even have service running to that substation. With the way my luck is running - probably not!

I’ve also had another series of crashes on the Titanium but this was the result of a bug in Internet Explorer and MS Entourage — f8cken Microsoft! Thanks to the resources at, the problem has been solved.

Reason:: There’s more stuff on the way soon. I’ve posting up a new track created exclusively in Reason. It should be available soon. I have to thank Jonas and Wing for providing me with some cool samples to work with.

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