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Sunday, June 20th, 2004 | 9:02 pm and filed in stuff.

TXT:: I can’t really say that much has been going on. I’ve been juggling a variety of different projects this week. The main one is still helping John out with more REDD 47 stuff. I’ve been doing comparisons against some other preamps like the Neve 1095s (1081 preamp circuitry). It’s tough when you start comparing great pre’s against each other since each one has particular quality that stands out. The real differences emerge when I started messing with different mics. Basically, cheap mics sound better through the REDD.47, while the better mics sound good regardless of the pre-amp. With the exception of the mackie 1202-VLZ Pro, it couldn’t compare to the REDD, the Neve or V72.

I’m also planning to clear out some old gear to make space for something new. The biggest space hog is my old neotek series II console. As much as I hate to do it, I think I’m going to part the sucker out. It’s probably the easiest way to deal with it since I’m getting tired of vacuous offers. I built a little power supply/test station to check out the modules and do some minor repairs before I sell them.

I’ve been going through all those old junk boxes (everyone has a bunch of these) and discovering tons of hidden treasures that I had long forgotten about. I even found a stockpile of unused gear that I completely forgot about… sheesh it’s terrible. Software has made me forget about this hardware.

ReFill:: I’m putting the finishing touches on the second Circuit Bent refill which contains a variety of samples from the Speak&Spell/Speak&Math units. This set will be straight samples organized into NN-XT/NN-19 patches. Hopefully I’ll finish it up tonight and get it posted sometime this week.

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