Circuit Bent ReFill

Sunday, July 4th, 2004 | 8:58 pm and filed in Reason.

ReFill:: The second Circuit Bent refill went online this past week. A last minute change occurred while I was testing out this new mic-pre, and I got the itch to see what the Speak & Spell sounds like tracked through it. Along with a tweaked set of alphabet samples, a second straight set of voice samples was added to the whopping 50meg refill. I tried a couple of different mics on the Speak & Spell internal speaker, and ended up using the set recorded through the C-12VR and the REDD.47. Everything seems to sound great through this combo. I also added a stuttering alphabet patch where random loop points tweak out the normal vocal samples. There are several example RNS files included in the Refill that demonstrate some ways of using these patches.

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