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Saturday, July 10th, 2004 | 8:57 pm and filed in stuff.

10 July 2004
TXT:: So I have been busy helping John with more of the REDD.47™ stuff. I’m almost an employee now. This past week we’ve met and spent countless hours discussing various strategies on approaching his marketing. Basically i’ve been trying to learn as much as possible about the history of the recordings made at Abbey Road Studios through the original equipment. John schooled me on some interesting facts about the history of tape recording. I’ve also done a bit of research about Electric & Musical Industries, Ltd. (EMI) and it’s Record Engineering Development Department (the “redd” acronym) and Abbey Road studios - but the best information seemed to be anecdotal from John. I enjoy learning about this stuff since this is the history of music technology, and everything we do on the computers today is the culmination of what these engineers developed over the course of the last century. I’ve also discovered some of the reasons why certain Beatles recordings sound the way they do… part is due to the REDD 47 electronics, but also the REDD51 mixing desk. I wish i could post up all of the information I’ve learned this past week, but… I’m now bound by a non-disclosure handshake. anyhoo…enough rambling.

So we finally worked out the copy for John’s Revolution Recording Equipment website, and finally have the initial pages up online. I’m going to help him work on the documentation and packaging as well (with the help of my cousin Tamiko, of course). It’s a long ass URL, so it’s going to be changed to some a lot shorter.

After about a month of burning in the redd47, it’s starting to sound really sweet. It’s like buying a new car and working in the engine for the first 1,000 miles, or a new cast iron pan and carefully seasoning it. Rest assured, that i’m going to be tracking samples through it for a few up coming refills :-)

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