Cello Samples

Wednesday, October 13th, 2004 | 12:29 am and filed in Reason.


After dealing with several scheduling problems, Carson managed to get a room at the Expression College at a normal time where we could record Jim Aikin’s Cello for the Reason 3.0 Factory Sound Bank. I have trying to get this going since I returned from Stockholm, and I’m still surprised that we actually made it happen. As a nice surprise, Rich Bologna showed up to give us a hand during the session.

I brought along my C-12VR and the Revolution REDD.47 mic pre, and my good ol Korg Prophecy (to provide a pitch for Jim to track to). We didn’t get into the studer room at Expressions, but Carson did manage to get one of the Studer valve Mic-Pres and a Neumann M-50. It took a little while to get the mics just right since the room was pretty small and fairly reflective. Once we got things going, I manned the keyboard to provide a reference pitch for Jim while Carson and Rich manned the console.


Everything worked out pretty well, since we managed to get out of the room in about four hours with a complete set of dynamics and ranges, pizzicato samples, glissandos, and some really cool harmonic stuff. It was far more than what was requested, but I always have to sample very note.

Jim is a great teacher and gave us several lessons on the intricacies of Cello acoustics and how certain notes resonate louder. I’ve taken all of this into consideration as I prepare to map out hundreds of samples … now for the hard part!

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