ReWire 1.7 & Reason 3.0.5

Saturday, May 20th, 2006 | 7:44 am and filed in Reason, Propellerhead, Music Software.


The Props have released a much needed update to ReWire which makes integration with host applications much smoother. Logic Pro users can sympathize with the excruciatingly slow launch and load times associated with Reason and ReWire, not to mention the occasional hang-up when closing out the ReWire slave application. Finally this issue has been answered!

Besides being able to smoothly check Reason signals using my favorite measurement plug-ins (InspectorXL from Elemental Audio), the improved efficiency with GarageBand has also inspired me to develop some projects that take advantage of Apple’s iLife software and Reason.

More information about the Universal Binary version of Reason 3.0.5 and Rewire 1.7 update is posted on the Propellerheads Website

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