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Saturday, May 27th, 2006 | 8:41 am and filed in Reason, ReFill, Reviews.


Reason users who long for the sound of the Access Virus are going to love this. Reasonbanks Virology is comprised of immaculately multisampled patches from the Virus C Indigo2. Available as either as a ReFill or banks of straight samples, Virology is delivered on a DVD. The Refill is a massive 1.24 Gigabytes which equals 2.24 Gigs of samples, REX loops, and patches. Along with the ReFill are a number of REX loops sorted separately unpacked as well as demo refills of the other Reasonbanks library products. As a bonus, a wide array of free refills from the Reasonbanks team including Eric, Marco, and Andras are also included.

The samples are clean, big, and punchy and really do justice to the sound of the Access instruments. The variety of sounds covers every base with hundreds of patches from straight waveforms to complex Combinator stacks. While the complex rhythmic synth Combinators supply the typical cliché sounds of the virus, my favorites are some of the basic basses and pads. Typically the samples include a bit of filter modulation off the attack, then loop through the sustain, so there’s plenty of character from the original Virus filters without relying on the Reason.

Owners of the Reasonbanks Orange, Proton, and Analog Monsters libraries already know the quality that goes into these libraries, and Virology makes the perfect digital companion to these analog sample sets. Minutes after sorting through patches, the sounds started to inspire me, I really like this library, and see myself using it in a variety of applications.

The following MP3 file is a little piece I made exclusively using the synth and percussion sounds from Virology:

Download Peff-Virology_Xperiments.mp3

2 Responses to “Reasonbanks Virology”

  1. Mike Says:

    sounds like a nice sounds set, havnt had a chance to check it out but I enjoy the track you put togther, nice work.

  2. Marco Raaphorst Says:

    Although this was 100% Andras’ work I should say: thank you!

    Speak to you soon :) )))