Power Tools for Reason 3.0 Bug Fixes

Tuesday, May 30th, 2006 | 11:02 am and filed in Power Tools For Reason.

In the past few months, Readers of Power Tools for Reason 3.0 have managed to find a few errors in the manuscript. Naturally these should be called typos, errors, or mistakes, but I think it’s more appropriate to think of them as bugs. Many thanks to those with keen eyes for informing me of the problems. If the book goes to a second pressing, I will ask that these are fixed. If anyone else stumble across a problem or even needs a simple clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact me. The following are known errors in the text:

Using a Gate to Control a Note CV Input [pg 28]

I guess people expect to see the typical programming table after step 6 on this project. In an effort to save space, the table was omitted and it says for the reader to “Program gate events from steps 1 through 16 on the Matrix.” This is, in fact, a redundant statement since the default matrix pattern already has gate events on each step of the pattern.

Thanks Bertholt!

Modulator as a Note CV Source [pg 29]

Step 6 reads “Disconnect the cable connected to the Matrix Sequencer Control CV output”. It should read “Disconnect the cable connected to the SubTractor Control CV input.” or “Disconnect the cable connected to the Matrix Note CV output.” Removing the connection on either end will achieve the same result

Thanks Bertholt & Jacques!

Reason Drum Kits [pg 70]

The example of using the Combine feature with Reason Drum Kits was written before the release of RDK 2.0. The new version of Reason Drum Kits already takes full advantage of the Combinator as a shell for mixers and effects, and the project only applies to those who are using Reason Drum Kits 1.0 and Reason 3.0.x

Bass Limiter [pg 87]

Step 3 asks the reader to load the combi patch “6 - Bass Pattern.cmb”, however the patch was accidentally omitted from the CD-Rom. The patch can be downloaded here. In order to use the patch, a free Refill is also required:

Download the “6 - Bass Pattern.cmb” combinator patch

Download the Peff003 - 303 Square Bass ReFill

Once the Refill is downloaded, it should be moved into a folder referenced in your “Locations” list in the Reason 3.0 Browser. Otherwise, a missing files dialog will appear and ask that you manually find the samples in the ReFill.

Envelope Follower Limiter [pg 87-88]

The introduction is a bit vague in the description when it says “Ideally, this example results in silence.” In reality, the example does not result in complete silence. There are still transients which are not stopped by the limiter. To clarify this issue, step 13 on page 88 should say:

“Set the mixer channel 1 level CV trim to a value of 2 or 3 for limiting. A value of 6 or 8 produces a sever pumping effect. A trim setting of 90 will result in absolute silence.”

David, I hope this clears things up.

Highpass Filter [pg 105]

Step 5 on page 105 instructs the user to adjust the MClass equalizer center frequency to “2.354Hz”. It should read: “Freq: 235.5Hz”

Thanks Jacques!

Pattern Controlled Vocoder [pg 127-129]

At the bottom of Page 128 under the “Carrier Signal Source” subheading of the PCV project, step 10 says “In the Reason Rack, create a second Combinator”, then on step 11, it also says “Create a second Combinator.” Step 11 should be deleted, and readers should simply skip to step 12.

Thanks Scott!

8 Responses to “Power Tools for Reason 3.0 Bug Fixes”

  1. Flandersh Says:

    Thanx! Respect, Anders!

  2. KRichards Says:

    Thanks for the clarification - I noticed some, but didn’t keep track. ‘Good on those that did. There’s just too much fun stuff to do with this book to worry too much ! I’m still working through it progressively (like a textbook) when I get time, and enjoy it greatly.

    Cheers !

  3. Jack Frost Says:

    Hi there and thanks for the book “Power Tools….”

    Me being a newbie ask maybe a stupid question:

    - in the Redrum examples the matrises have the letters M, S, and Sf ( and also H )
    What does thoose letters mean?
    Where is the explanation in the book?

  4. matt Says:

    Thanks! (I was going nuts looking for those missing samples!)

  5. daniel aka Bit Says:

    great book !
    I`m looking forward to fully understand the capabilities of reason to unfold some of the noises in my head and your book has been a great tool for that purpose

    aka bit

  6. paul Says:

    Amazing book….My songs are more diverse and sounding better than ever. well done.

  7. al Says:

    page 164 to 166 the rv-7 module, there is a missprint i think?? do u know anything about this matter? what a book by the way its brilliant;)

  8. al Says:

    there is no sound at the end of the explainatin:(