THOR Polysonic Synthesizer

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007 | 6:58 pm and filed in Reason, NAMM, Propellerhead.


Ok, the full NAMM report is coming, but please don’t get your expectations up too high. I seemed to have caught some kind of bug during the trip and have been ill since I returned. In the meantime, you should check out the news on the Propellerhead Software Website and check out the sneak peak video shot during the 2007 Winter NAMM convention where the props unveiled a new synthesizer called “Thor”. Aptly named since Roland has cornered the market on the Roman Gods, it’s only right that the Scandinavians start a tradition of synths named after Norse Gods.

9 Responses to “THOR Polysonic Synthesizer”

  1. mark tarlton Says:


    it’s nice to see something new and really cool!

    we’ve all been waiting for something big, and James expresses himself like a kid in a candy store on the video… you can feel the excitement : )

  2. arclight Says:

    I think he could have provided a few more details without breaking the bank. I understand the need to keep some things under wraps, but this was a little overkill.

    However, Thor looks really cool and I’m looking very forward to using it!

  3. [david.kain] Says:

    At last!

    It’s good to see the Props keeping their sound up to date with new softgear. I can’t wait to play with the demo and see how the sound compares with NI’s stuff. It might mean the difference between switching over, or holding true to ol’ reliable :)

    Hope you’re feeling better, Kurt.


  4. Exode Says:

    Like I also typed in the PUF: This synth looks like it might satisfy all my needs in the subtractive/fm synthesis department. I wish you a speedy recovery!

  5. wave.response Says:

    I like the step sequencer that’s built in. It looks a little more on-the-fly friendly. Would be a nice stand alone alternative to the Matrix, too, if you could tie notes.

  6. lagowski Says:

    They should have called it Big Mama :-)
    Looks like I’m going to have to upgrade my Mac in the near future!

  7. wax Says:

    I hope the next update is more than just Thor. my top list?

    [1] allow for basic audio recording and midi out, so you can use hardware synths with reason.

    [2] improve the mastering devices

    [3] improve the sequencer

    and as a bonus, they really should import the ReBirth 303 directly into the rack, theres no reason, no pun intented, that they couldnt include it - its such a bad ass device. With the redrum, you dont need the 909 and 808 emulations, but that 303 would be sweet!

  8. mr_p Says:

    looks good. hope i can modulate everything on it 3 times over. i hope they change the whole look of reason 4 or let us av some differant skins for the rack instruments after years u do get sick of staring at the same old screen. and lets be honest the user interface on reason could look so much better no change from version 1.

  9. Quantum Anomaly Says:

    Wax, you know not the irony of your comment. We no longer need the Rebirth 303. Peff made a combi that not only emulates the Rebirth 303’s sound, but also goes above and beyond the original, because we are no longer limited to step-sequencing and can also play the device in realtime with a MIDI controller. You can download it from this very site!

    Also there was a ReFill released on the Propellerhead site to emulate ReBirth’s 808 & 909.
    In other words, all bases are covered. We can now part with ReBirth, trauma-free.