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Surrogate Valentine Trailer and Video Download now available on iTunes

For your Valentine’s Day viewing pleasure, here is the title track from a new film by Dave Boyle, Surrogate Valentine, from Tiger Industry Films. The Film features Goh Nakamura in the starring role along with Chadd Stoops, Lynn Chen, Mary Cavett, Joy Osmanski, Parry Shen, Calpernia Addams, Dan “Damage” Bjornson, Di Quon, Joe Polhemus.

The World Premiere of Surrogate Valentine is at the SXSW Festival in Austin, TX on March 12. At the SF International Asian American Film Festival, the film will be screened at closing celebration on Thursday, March 17 at 7pm at the Sundance Kabuki Theater.

Richard Wong directed this video piece for the SV single which will be released in March 2011. Produced by Seng Chen, the music video features Theresa Navarro. Goh and I recorded this track at my home studio, and the project will be released on 7″ vinyl and as a digital download. Here’s a video of the test pressing:

Surrogate Valentine Test Pressing

For the gear enthusiasts out there, here’s a list of the equipment used:

Wunder Audio CM-7 microphone
AKG C-12 VR microphone
Revolution R.47 MkII preamp
Neve 1095 preamp
RS-124 type Altec compressor
UREI LA-22 comp/limiter
Manley/VTL limiter/compressor/amplifiers
Universal Audio 2192 converters
Dangerous Music D-Box

Propellerhead Record+Reason duo used for recording and mixing.

Mastered by Mike Wells

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