Music Production with Reason & Record

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 | 9:50 am and filed in stuff, Reason, Tutorials, Record.


I’m happy to announce that the Music Production with Reason & Record tutorial video is finally available from Groove 3! In this edition, we look at Josh’s track, “What’s the Reason” which features the talents and writing of a new artist, Blackjack. You can download the Record+Reason session file from the Propellerhead website here: demo song download

Following the tradition of the Reason 4 tutorial, Josh and I go through and deconstruct his production process and recreate the track from the ground up starting in Reason and moving the project over to Record+Reason duo. It is designed to complement Music Production with Reason 4.0 which focuses more on musical applications, while the latest title focuses more on using OctoREX, Kong, and Audio manipulation in Record. If you are a total novice, I personally recommend that you also look at MPR4, some of the concepts in this title explain a different approach on production.

One Response to “Music Production with Reason & Record”

  1. tcas Says:

    Hey Peff…

    I purchased this tutorial…
    It was very informational and it will help me for sure using new techniques on my productions.
    you guys did a good job…

    TCAS (Marc Nieuwhof)