Propellerhead Reason Rack Extensions

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 | 12:13 pm and filed in peff.

The news of Propellerhead Reason Rack Extensions is very exciting! The Reason production environment will be open to third party developers, and with Reason 6.5, users will have access to a whole new range of sonic tools from some incredible companies: Korg, Softtube, Sonic Charge, u-he, Sugarbytes, and GForce, to name a few!

This website was mentioned during the press conference in Frankfurt, and I want to confirm my involvement. In conjunction with the graphic design team, Bitplant and programer Hayden Bursk, we are working to establish a “Peff” brand of rack extensions. What makes this team unique is that we are Reason users who met because of Propellerhead, and now we have an opportunity to collaborate on something special. This is a new venture for us, and while we are the little guys on the scene, we are dedicated to making some interesting and cool devices that people will hopefully find useful.

I’ve been known to push Reason down paths where it was never designed to go, and looking towards the future, this team is dedicated to continue this tradition. There’s still a lot of work to do, but I’ll post quick updates when possible on Facebook and twitter.


2 Responses to “Propellerhead Reason Rack Extensions”

  1. VidDa176 Says:

    this is a dope news,I’m attending your works Mr Peff!

  2. squint Says:

    I’m intrigued. I hope someone does an ‘extension’ that allows for MIDI-out or at least some creative, funky way to quantize external devices. :)