Buffre ReCombinator Effects

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 | 8:48 am and filed in Reason, peff, Combinator, ReFill, Rack Extensions.

Buffre ReCombinator Effects are a collection of patches that extend the live performance features of the Buffre Beat Repeater Rack Extension. The archive includes over 60 patches based on eighteen different routing architectures that include filtering, panning, pitch modulation, gating, and pattern control systems. Also included are several grain effects patches that transform incoming audio into drones and rhythmic glitch patterns.

Because most of these patches use the same key trigger as Buffre Beat Repeater, the ReCombinators are suited for live performance effects, and most have a quantization function that locks the effect start to track tempo.

Buffre ReCombinator Effects ReFill

v1.0 ReFill Download

Example File

When creating an FX combinator, Reason does not automatically create a corresponding sequencer track. Either use the Edit menu or Contextual Menu item to add a sequencer track for the live performance combinators. Consult the following example file for more details:


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