Cassette Recording Audio Processor Rack Extension

April 1st, 2014

The Cassette Recorder Audio Processor Rack Extension is an analog emulation effect for the Reason Rack that will enhance your audio with the smoothness and colour unique to analog recording. Yes, CRAPRE adds the warming sound of ground loops and tape hiss while enhancing incoming signals with harmonic destroytion! Our crap staff of mad nerdbags has discovered a special undocumented feature of the Rack Extension SDK: a colorful user interface with pink knobs, kittens, rainbows, and unicorns optimizes CPU usage while psychedelically extending the digital music stuff from 32 bit to a whopping 41 bit super-endian-rainbow-floatiger maths! In laymen’s terms, this means Crapre sounds terribly good! The wow and flutter algaerytm adds a deluxe warmingness, and it even simulates “tape eating” for hi definition low fidelity realistic results!


Cliked here to get the CRAPRE from the Prop Shop - supplies are limited!

Tesla Coil Samples

February 27th, 2014

For those who follow my social media streams, you may have already seen the various DIYAudio, DIYSynth, DIYrepair projects going on around here for the past year. One of these projects is the oneTesla Musical Tesla Coil kit. In “synth speak” it’s essentially a pulse wave oscillator. The oneTesla incorporates an arduino brain that receives MIDI note information, and the sparking plasma threads emitting from the coil oscillate at musical pitches. I certainly recommend the kit if you’re looking for a fun weekend project, however it may require some debugging and may also require the need for a function generator and oscilloscope. Over the past year it seems that the development team has ironed out the kinks in the design and even novices generally have great success in their builds.

The link below is an archive of the multisampled notes generated from the oneTesla. I’ve provided the archive as a folder containing an NN-XT patch. The audio was recorded at quite a distance from the Tesla coil, mainly because I didn’t want the coil to discharge through the microphone, but also because the output is incredibly loud. The recorded results aren’t as impressive as having the real-time audio-visual experience, so get a better “feel” of the actual sound, it’s recommended that you run the sampler output into a peak limiter and push the gain up 3dB to 9dB, and play the samples back at very high levels. The coil is sampled note-by-note from MIDI C0 to C5, and you will hear “spark” artifacts and a few obvious loop edits.

Alias8 CV Modular Patch Challenge!

February 24th, 2014

Thanks to all those who participated. We now have a winner!

Modular Patch Challenge

Alias8 CV Controller Rack Extension

January 8th, 2014

The Alias8 Rack Extension is all about control. Place the device at the top of your rack, route some connections, customize the labels, and start tweaking. Once your routings are configured, you no longer have to scroll through to find that all important filter knob or trigger button in your complex rack setup.

The Livid Instruments Alias8 inspired the idea of having a Reason Rack Extension that visually mimics a hardware control surface and seamlessly integrates remote mapping; bridging the gap between you and the Reason rack. This collaborative effort with the good people of Livid Instruments has resulted in the ultimate virtual control interface, the Alias8 CV Controller!

Available from the Propellerhead Shop

Example Reason Files

Loop Launch and Live FX:
Alias8 Modular Style Song Demo:
Granular Sample Manipulator with Buffre Beat Repeater:

Operation Manual

Detailed Documentation which includes various example projects is available from the following link:

Alias8 CV Controller Operation Manual

Version 1.0.1 PDF Download. Requires Adobe Acrobat or other PDF Reader

Livid Instruments Alias8 Hardware Controller

The Alias8 Rack Extension works seamlessly with the Alias8 Hardware controller through Reason Remote scripting. There’s some basic setup required as well as a recommended firmware upgrade. For more information, please visit the Livid Instruments Reason Support Page

For more information about the Alias8 Hardware Controller, visit the Livid Instruments Website

Reason CV Tutorial Series

July 10th, 2013

As the Reason ecosystem continues to grow with many unique control voltage rack extensions, it seems important to provide new users with a means of learning CV routing. To get things started, I’ve put together some basic tutorials. These are based on some past works and updated for Reason 7. This is a continuing series, and new tutorials will be added regularly. The lessons are embedded in the rack on Spacre panels adjacent to example device configurations, allowing for a hands-on experience for learning about each topic presented.

Reason Control Voltage Tutorial Page