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ReBirth Mod Construction

Friday, September 8th, 2000

Tips on creating ReBirth Mods


Tuesday, March 21st, 2000

TXT:: Fooling around some more with that other mod I’m working on, and I came across a cool new trick on ReBirth. After playing with a real TB-303, I’m using this technique in ReBirth to emulate the sound a little bit better. Read all about it here: Techtips #12 (this tip appeared later in […]


Monday, March 20th, 2000

TXT:: Messed around with Pro Tools 5.0 and MIDI for a bit today. It’s pretty cool having that capability, but i’m still trying to familiarize myself with all the new nifty features.
Thanks to Jackplug who helped me out with the stupid title bar on this page. Why didn’t any of IE users (win users) tell […]

Visions ReBirth Mod

Sunday, March 19th, 2000

Whoa…yeah a ReBirth Mod! I almost forgot how much fun these things are There is a ReBirth Mod version of the Visions ReMix samples. The mod has NO GUI so you will have to use the Standard Interface to program it. It is also available on the Vision ReMix Sample Page

Rubix 303 Patterns

Friday, December 17th, 1999

303:: A new Project 303 update from Rubix! This one is longer than usual, and I put a lot of edge on the screaming square waves.

Red Stripe Mod

Thursday, December 16th, 1999

RBM:: The Red Stripe mod is finally here! This is a joint collaboration with jesuspark (infernalizer mod), JackPlug (The orchestrator and knob creator) and myself. This is the mod used to create e-priori available on my page. If you were skeptical that this track was created entirely in ReBirth, then you can now see […]

Matthias Shill’s Pattern Master

Tuesday, November 16th, 1999

303:: More of Jonas’ patterns are now available for download. Actually, one is a repeat at a different tempo. I’ve also made some 303 program charts to help program and convert ReBirth patterns to the TB. You can also check these out. They are kinda useless unless you actually have a TB-303, but I know […]

Project 303

Monday, November 15th, 1999

303:: The first user submission is now available! Thanks Jonas for the contribution to the project.


Wednesday, October 13th, 1999

whew…long time no update!
RBM:: I’ve been busy on a collaborative project which will be released in the near future (estimated time of release: about a month). If you want to hear a preview of this project, check out my latest track, e-priori.
MP3:: This track is currently available for download off my page. It was […]

ReBirth:: 2 Years Old! - Mod & Song news

Saturday, May 15th, 1999

Happy 2nd Birthday to ReBirth RB-338. Thanks to Steinberg and Propellerheads for creating this sensational Software!
RBM :: Sync is sorta done, but there’s no space to load it on Computer Controlled for a trial run. If you’re curious and want to get an idea of what it sounds like, download this remix of Peter Gabriel’s […]

Old Songs & New Songs

Saturday, April 24th, 1999

MP3 ::I’ve uploaded some of my non-ReBirth related music to This stuff was created years ago. It’s all synth based however and midi sequenced using a PC with a Roland MPU401 and Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold–DOS of course. Sheesh things have come a long way, baby. The tracks are Temple and Pilgrimage. I’ve also […]

More Music

Friday, April 16th, 1999

RBS&MP3 ::I’ve added some old tracks laying around on my hard drive as well as a new track. As a general rule of thumb, every rbs track i do, i try to incorporate a totally new technique for using rebirth. Some odd little trick to add a touch of originality to the track. This time […]