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Old Songs & New Songs

Saturday, April 24th, 1999

MP3 ::I’ve uploaded some of my non-ReBirth related music to This stuff was created years ago. It’s all synth based however and midi sequenced using a PC with a Roland MPU401 and Voyetra Sequencer Plus Gold–DOS of course. Sheesh things have come a long way, baby. The tracks are Temple and Pilgrimage. I’ve also […]

Into the Nebula Video

Sunday, April 18th, 1999

MOV ::It’s finally here. Into The Nebula - The Movie . This has been a big project that i’m pretty much sick of after the past months of putting it together and struggling with production descisions across the globe. But it’s done, It’s available for download. Hope everyone took my advice and installed Quicktime 3:). […]

More Music

Friday, April 16th, 1999

RBS&MP3 ::I’ve added some old tracks laying around on my hard drive as well as a new track. As a general rule of thumb, every rbs track i do, i try to incorporate a totally new technique for using rebirth. Some odd little trick to add a touch of originality to the track. This time […]

Hardware Repairs

Monday, April 12th, 1999

JPG::I’ve added a picture from my workbench. Real World style of mod making:-) Actually it’s just another piece of gear that needs some maintenance. Seems like this stuff is never ending… Click on the JPG link. This unit actually got a bit dirty, so i’ve been washing the motherboards. (don’t ask…it’s a long story).
RBM::Also, I’ve […]

April Stuff…

Tuesday, April 6th, 1999

Quicktime™:: So what do you think about the little loop on the start up page for this site? Made with the minimod! If you don’t have the Quicktime™ 2.0 plugin for your browser, you probably can’t hear it anyways. You’ll get a message below also saying that you need the plug in. Sorry, windoze people, […]

Soft Blue vs. Axiom Peace mod

Friday, April 2nd, 1999

Been a while since i’ve updated the pages. Mainly because i’ve been working on another Video Project which should be coming out soon. So keep your eyes peeled
On The mod end, There was one small addition, Soft Blue Vs. Axiom Peace. Someone had asked for a customization of the two and o.i.n.k. and […]