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Massive Attack & DJ Shadow

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

I met up with the guys who helped me with the Power Tools for Reason 2.5 CD-rom project: Joe, Rich (and Begonia), and Carson; and we caught the Sept 22 show of Massive Attack at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. We couldn’t ask for a more perfect evening in the […]

Don’t Eat The Spinach

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

Whenever someone asks me where I live, they commonly mistake the name with San Juan Capistrano. No, it’s San Juan Bautista, known for it’s Mission and historical park. Other than tourism to this small city of history, the region is primarily rural and the main industry is agriculture. :-p
Hitchcock fans know […]

Kato-City Visitors

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

Every other year, a group of 18 visitors from Kato City in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan (兵庫県 加東市 日本 ) come to the area on a goodwill mission and to experience life in San Benito County [Hollister Frelance Article]. My father was very active with the Hollister Sister City Association, and so I feel somewhat […]

Not so Happy New Year…

Thursday, January 12th, 2006

Yes, I’ve been strangely absent from the site, which normally means I’m working on a project. Unfortunately, a seemingly endless series of personal tragedies has occurred. This entry goes a bit off the theme of this site, but I just needed to get this off my chest.
A family friend tragically lost […]


Friday, December 9th, 2005

Cirque du Soleil has become somewhat of a holiday tradition. Some people do the nutcracker, but for my friend, Michela, and me, heading over to the pacbell park parking lot is the ticket. This year’s visiting production, “Corteo” was definitely not a disappointment. Despite the subject matter being the death of a […]

Diving Monterey Bay

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

After years of talking about doing it, my friend, Mike, and I finally managed to take a dip into the waters of Monterey Bay. This was a first for both of us. It’s been a few years since I had scuba dived, and for me this was my first shore entry. This […]

JACL - life stuff…nothing music related.

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

I’ve been president of the local JACL (Japanese-American Citizens League) chapter since january, and vice-president (the guy who barbeques for 100 people) for two years prior, but this position is a lot more demanding because i have to go to a lot more meetings and functions. Worst of all I have to meet people and […]